Baikonur, Kazakhstan

Complex description

"Land launch" is an international project (it was organized by leading enterprises of space-rocket branch from Russian Federation, Ukraine and the USA) on using of "Zenit-M" space-rocket complex on Baikonur Cosmodrome (the first and world's largest spaceport located in the territory of Kazakhstan near the settlement of Tyuratam which for long years keeps a leading place on the annual rate of launch of various types of launch vehicles and also keeps the first place in the world on the total number of launches).

Market researches, which “Sea Launch” company conducted in the course of implementation of  “Sea Launch” project, have revealed that it is expedient in the long term to make considerable number of launches of spacecrafts (weighing up to 4 t.) not from the sea platform and from the launching device of Baikonur Cosmodrome. “Land Launch” project has fulfilled flight equipment in a certain class of payloads as it is based on configuration of “Sea Launch” complex that was repaid during a number of launches.

Block DM (that is used in "Land Launch" program) is the most widespread and reliable upper stage of launch vehicles "Zenit-2SLB" and "Zenit-3SLB" (the modernized launch vehicles for delivery of various payloads to the wide range of orbits and inclinations). This Block is used at removal of payloads of various classes since 1974 and it has more than 270 launches with the shown level of reliability more than 96% on its own account. Block DM-SLB provides a possibility of repeated start of the engine, work during the long period of removal, management and stabilization on all sites of flight, removal with a big accuracy into a Target Orbit and managements of parameters of the movement and orientation at the time of detachment of the spacecraft.

The space-rocket complex "Zenit M" (which is used in “Land Launch” program) is one of the most modern complexes at Baikonur Cosmodrome. The first launch from this complex was made in 1985. SRC "Zenit M" is located on the East side of Baikonur Cosmodrome that increases potential opportunities on the choice of azimuths of launch in comparison with other complexes.

“Land Launch” project is a teamwork checked on experience and competence of partners. The partners of “Land Launch” are the same companies (as in “Sea Launch” project). Thanks to the set of resolved organizational and technical issues on modernization of SRC "Zenit-M", in combination with support of the Government of the Russian Federation and the Russian investors, "Land Launch" has become an attractive project in the market of commercial launches.

Complex structure

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ILV (Integrated Launch Vehicles) «Zenit-3SLB», «Zenit-3SLBF»  

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The space-rocket complex "Zenit-M"

The space-rocket complex "Zenit M" is one of the most modern complexes at Baikonur Cosmodrome. The first launch from this complex was made in 198... More