Long Beach, California, USA

Complex description

“Sea Launch” project was developed in the early 90's when plans for the launching of commercial satellites assumed a global scale. The idea was to create a buoyant space-rocket complex, which unique characteristics would guarantee to satellite operators some numerous advantages (including significant increase in payload’s mass).  It could become real thanks to the launches of spacecrafts from the equatorial waters of the Pacific Ocean (a zone of the most favorable conditions for the launches) and thanks to delivery of launch vehicles to the Equator by sea. 

Technical capacity of the leading enterprises of space-rocket branch, such as American “Boeing”, the Russian RSC “Energia”, the Norwegian ship-building enterprise “Kvaerner” (nowadays “Aker Solutions”) and the Ukrainian “Yuzhnoye” and “Yuzhmash” was attracted to creation of such unique space-rocket complex. These enterprises became the Founders of ‘Sea Launch’ project that officially started in 1995.

By March, 1998 construction of special Home Port in the USA (California, Long Beach) and also construction of the mobile launch platform “ODYSSEY” and the assembly and command ship "SEA LAUNCH COMMANDER" came to the end.

By 2014 according to ‘Sea Launch’ program more than 30 successful launches of spacecrafts (including launch vehicles with heavy payloads) were made; more than 150 000 kilograms of the payload were sent on Orbit. Within the Project enormous experience (of rendering high-quality services in all cycle of preparatory and commissioning work, in the organization and carrying out all necessary operations with the spacecraft, including delivery, transportation, tests, integration and launch) was gained.

For a number of reasons in 2014 the launch activity of "Sea Launch" were paused. Until 2016, negotiations on sale of the project were conducted and measures for settlement of legal and material issues were taken. In September of the same year, “S7 group of companies” became the owner of "Sea Launch" space-rocket complex.

“S7 Space” company will carry out the launch activity of a complex. Despite sale of the project, RSC “Energia” will save the involvement in "Sea Launch" according to the agreements adopted with “S7 Space”. “Roskosmos” and “Yuzhmash” will also become “S7 Space” partners on the tasks of "Sea Launch" space-rocket complex’ launch activity. Project management will be performed from Moscow; nevertheless, for successful guiding of the international business “S7” organized “S7 Sea Launch Limited” company in the USA.

For decision of the tasks on restoration of “Sea Launch” space-rocket complex’ launch activity and its "degreasing" “S7 Space” company organized the constant headquarters in Home Port (Long Beach). By the last estimates of monitoring group, the complex is already ready for operation, and the beginning of launch activity is planned for 2018.

Complex structure

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ILV "Zenit-3SL"

Zenit-3SL, Integrated Launch Vehicle (ILV) of the middle class capable to put payload weighing more than 6000 kg to orbits, transitional to geostationary.

Environmentally friendly components are used as a fuel for this ILV: liquid oxygen (oxidizer) and kerosene (fuel).

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Launch platform "Odyssey"

Launch operations are carried out from the extremely steady platform. Launch platform moves on couple of big pontoons. It is self-moving by means of the four-propeller propulsion system (two propellers in each case). Each propeller is set in motion by dual electric motors of a direct current... More

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Assembly and command ship

Assembly and command ship is specially designed for satisfaction of unique requirements of "Sea Launch" project.
Overall dimensions of the ship make about 200 m (660 feet) in length and 32 m (110 feet) width.
The general displacement is about 27612 tons (30400 short tons).

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